When I do escape the city, it is often to my childhood home on the west coast of Scotland. I have a different relationship with this place. At times I have an almost visceral need to paint the sea and clouds. There is also  a place inside my head, beside a familiar yet not quite known sea loch that also regularly finds its way into my work . These places still sit within the intersection of people, nature and the environment but manifest themselves in different ways.

Singing Sands, acrylic on board, 2022, private collection
Tiree Skies, acrylic on board, 63 x 63 cms, 2022 (available)
Summer waves, acrylic on canvas, 63 x 63 cms, 2022 available
Machir summer waves, 53 x 53 cms, 2022 available
September, acrylic on board, 33 x 33 cms, 2021 available
Lochside Dreams, acrylic on board, 33 x 33 cms, 2022 available