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Sheila’s weekly update 78: Push and pull

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Just a short update this week as my great plans for studio time this week didn’t quite work out! Best laid plans and all that. But I did get some studio time at the end of the week, and just made some time to enjoy the process of pushing and pulling paint around a canvas. I feel this landscape study is just prep for something quite different. However I am enjoying the space it is giving me to think.

Stories from the exhibition

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Whilst the rest of the art worlds attention was focused on Venice and its Biennale, in a small part of the West End of Glasgow there was another smaller scale but to me just as huge event. I finally did it! I had my own solo exhibition at Nicolls Gallery. What an experience! I’m still recovering and reflecting on it all. I know I normally do video updates here, but as part of my reflections I felt I actually wanted to write a short post and share some of the digital resources I created for the exhibition.

When I booked the space I didn’t quite know exactly what I was going to exhibit. Would it be a series of newer works, or more of a retrospective/curation of recent works? How could I create a coherent story and theme? These questions remained unanswered for quite a while. Then, when I was at my recent residency at Cove Park and tuning into the wonderful colour symposium from The Slade, a phrase one of the scientists used to give the technical description of colour jumped out at me – “colour is the interaction of light and matter”. So Light and Matter became the theme and title of the show.

My work is quite varied, but as I started to pull things together for the show I could see families of colour across all my work. had Originally I thought I would hang the work in themes, but when it came to the final selection, with the help of the fabulously generous and talented Siusan Paterson, colour become the link between the works and the ultimate deciding factor on what went where. I think we managed to create a good rhythm and flow around the gallery.

As my work can be quite abstract I thought I would create some digital stories to sharing where my ideas and inspiration come from. For example the chalk dust from life drawings have been come the starting point for a series of abstract landscapes; nature and the regeneration of the Forth and Clyde canal is another rich source of inspiration.

You can see more by following the links below.

*Stockingfield and me

*Life to landscape

*The Covid Canal Series

You can also watch the Instagram live tour of the gallery I did just before opening.

Sheila’s weekly update 67: In the beginning

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In the beginning . . . This week I’m sharing an insight into how some of my creative process starts. I’m starting some new mixed mediw work,so I’ve been dong some monoprinting using different “things” – including old packaging cardboard and paper doilies. I find they create such a range of patterns, lines and textures. I monoprint on various types of paper, and then start the process of adding layers. I’ve never quite sure where the patterns will take me but that is part of the adventure!

Sheila’s weekly update 66: 100 x 100

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This week I share some good news, one of my pieces has been selected for the Bobcat Gallery’s 100 x 100 exhibition in March. The exhibition will take place on line and features 100 pieces of work all available for £100. I’ll be sharing more details nearer the time, but lovely to have my work showing with some other fabulous artists.

Sheila’s weekly update 61: Last one of 2021

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This week I’m on Islay for a couple of days before the Christmas season gets into full swing. This week I want to thank everyone who has supported me this year, and everyone who has watched these video updates. i really do love sharing my artists journey with you all. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, and safe 2022.