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Sheila’s weekly update 54: Conversations with art

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This week I went to Edinburgh to drop off a piece for the SSA 30 x 30 exhibition which runs alongside the Society’s annual exhibition. As I was in the capital I took the opportunity to go and see the Alison Watt exhibition “A portrait without likeness” at the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland. The exhibition is a series of works by Alison inspired by the work of the 18th century portrait artist Allan Ramsay. I loved it. I was particularly struck by this quote from her:

“ A painting is a visual record of the inside of the artist’s mind. A painting is something that takes place over time; it is not static. To look at a work of art is to engage with an idea, and that is not a one sided activity. It’s more of a conversation.

What a conversation this exhibition is! If you are in Edinburgh then do go and see this. I was also struck by the gender imbalance in the gallery. I know that they are trying to address this, but it really did strike me this visit that it really is the powerful that pay for their place in history to be remembered.

Sheila’s weekly update 51: #walkcreate project online gallery

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This week I share news about a newly launched online gallery which some of my work is featured in. It’s part of the #walkcreate research project at Glasgow University which is exploring the impact of walking during the pandemic. One strand of the research is to explore the impact walking and lockdown on artists practice. I’ve written a bit more about this on my “other blog” here too. Also a couple of weeks ago I responded to a request from one of my New Platform Art buddies, Sara Reeve, for faces! Sara is a very talented portrait painter and I am absolutely thrilled with the portrait she has done of me.

Sheila’s weekly update 50: Milestones and new mini exhibition

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My goodness, this is my 50th video update! Can’t quite believe that I’ve been doing these for over a year now. They really have become a bit of a habit for me and I hope you enjoy them too! This week I share some news about a new mini exhibition of my work that is showing in ScotiaVisuals gallery space in Glasgow for the next week.

Sheila’s weekly update 48: Thinking and showing

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This week I share a bit about a mentoring session I took part in early in the week. It’s really made me think about what it is that I am actually doing as an artists. My interactions with my environment and the assemblages and entanglements that inform my work. I share a bit about the SaltSpace members show which runs until 26 September, and I have a piece in.

Sheila’s weekly update 45: Endings and beginnings

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This week I reflect on some endings and beginnings. Like so many others I was saddened to hear about the passing of Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, and so I couldn’t not mention that sad news. Her legacy will last for many, many years to come. On the beginnings side, my life drawing classes started again this week and I share how they have inspired some landscape work. So in the video I share how a couple of pieces are beginning.

Sheila’s weekly update 41: Dialogues and conversations

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After a couple of weeks “off camera” I’m back with my weekly updates. This week I share some of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks, including the thinking and planning side of being an artist. Would love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve been sharing too, so we can extend the conversation.

Sheila’s weekly update 37: unveilings and framings

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This week has been another week of “other” work, however I can finally reveal more about the secret commission I’ve mentioned in the past few weeks. It’s in its new home and has been a wonderful surprise anniversary present. I also got another sold painting back from the framers and I’m really pleased with how that frame has anchored the image. Watch to find out more