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Limited edition prints now available

This week I’m sharing a bit more about my latest limited edition print, and why I enjoy the process I use to create the prints. The prints are made through a transfer process from a print of one of my photographs, onto recycled Khadi paper. As the Khadi paper is hand made it has a lovely slightly, rougher texture than say cartridge paper.  The process also creates a quality that distorts time. I think that they have a vintage 1970/80’s photograph colour quality. I quite like that messing with time as it makes you look at the image in a different way.  The transfer process itself also means that each print is unique, as the colour doesn’t set onto the paper exactly the same way every time.  

Each print is £25 (inc. UK p&p), sorry rest of the world, you have to pay a little bit more. Head over to my shop to have a look and buy.

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