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Contemporary Art Academy: class of 2023 final show tour and artists interviews

Over the course of 2023 I have been studying with the Contemporary Art Academy and have completed all 3 of their core modules. The final module PG3 culminates with a group show. On Monday 13 November curator (and CAA co-founder) Zavier Ellis led a PV and exhibition tour of the show. Each artist has a short interview with Zavier to share more about their work, their process and the influences on their work.

Even for me, who knew quite a bit already about the work of my peers, it was fascinating to see and hear everyone talking about their work in the context of the gallery space. The whole recording lasts about 2 hours, and my interview is 36.26 mins into the recording. Thanks to Robert for sharing the video and adding all the timestamps for everyone’s interview.

I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience and do feel that it has allowed me to develop and articulate my practice far more confidently and also contextually in terms of contemporary art.

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